„…The collaboration with Musica Non Grata went very smoothly, and after I submitted the short film for screening, we quickly agreed on a sounding concept, which took only a few days to complete and I objected to quickly.” Highly recommended! After my very positive experience in setting up Ossarium, I was sure that I wanted to work with Stephan Ortlepp again, and now I shot Ulysses at a relatively short notice and soon found myself in post-production Quickly accept my short film and deliver a setting that blows me away. I’m already looking forward to the next cooperation in the future…“


“…Big thanks to my composer Stephan Ortlepp (Musica Non Grata) !! I’m simply thrilled. The kill scenes are even more brutal due to your music, the Jump Scares fitting perfectly in the scenes and all of my wishes are fulfilled perfectly. The Score makes goose bumps with fantastic epic sounds -thats the work of an true artist. Ortlepp creates a dynamic sound characteristic which gaves the picture an own touch – that’s no exaggeration, very great music. Thank you, thank you very much…”

– Mr. Zito (PHONOMANIE) 

“…Stephan composed the soundtrack for our film “Born Dead”. He’s a top composer and he delivered super fast. It was a completely uncomplicated collaboration. He is highly motivated and creative…”

– Olaf Zanetti (BORN DEAD) 

“…I locked myself with this man in his studio for 2 days. Playing music for hours, more than 3 songs have been created. This fact should be enough for everyone as a review, am I right? Stephan is a musician through and through…”

– Gero Samrey (FEED THE REAPERS) 

“…Stephan Ortlepp, the sole mastermind behind Musica Non Grata, approached me completely uninitiated and asked me to contribute an alternative score for my last short film project. Without hesitation, I was aware of the professionalism and creative enthusiasm of this composer – MNG got its name right in the cinematic underground – I agreed. As enthusiastic as he was about the visual aesthetics and theme of the film, I was so enthusiastic about the following collaboration, which went smoothly, friendly and easy; drunk with passion and made clear how much passion this man carries with him in art…”


“…The collaboration between Stephan and me has worked more than smoothly when it came to creating a score for DxSxSxMx. He spontaneously offered me his help and in a very short time produced very high-quality and absolutely fitting pieces of music, which were perfectly integrated into the film. Probably they are better than the complete movie itself I do not want to miss his skills in the future and I look forward to the other projects in which he will support me…”


“…I was allowed to work with Musica Non Grata several times and was always completely satisfied. Always very creative and ingenious implementation, exactly to the point. I’m really looking forward to future collaborations and can only recommend the work of Musica Non Grata to every filmmaker…”


“…The first time I heard Stephan’s score to Conjure I was speechless. I was so blown away by what he had done I was in a spell. With only a few of my notes about the themes and acts of my film he created something so nuanced, eerie and beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for better. It’s dead perfect! He totally got what I was going for.I was intending to add some further foley but found that Stephan’s score was more than strong enough to hold the movie without any further foley. It all came together in such a complementary way. I’m really grateful of what Stephan has done to elevate my work to the next level I don’t know what to say except my deepest thanks…”

– Mortem Soma (CONJURE) 

“…The collaboration with Stephan Ortlepp of Musica Non Grata was a real pleasure. The wishes concerning the music for my feature film “The Rise of Valhalla” were realized exactly according to my idea and specification. In addition, the pieces were significantly influenced by Stephan so that you protrude beyond my actual desire. Even under time pressure for Stephan was still enough time available to implement my requests for change in a timely manner. I’m looking forward to the next collaboration with Stephan…”

– Daniel Konze (THE RISE OF VALHALLA) 

OST – Zombies From Sector 9 (R.: Rob Ceus)

OST – Woodstock Witchcraft (R.: Tim Rabenstein)

OST – Sonata Del Corvo (R.: Günther Brandl)

SOUND EDITOR – Daughters Of Dismay (R.: James Quinn)

OST – Born Dead (R.: Olaf Zanetti)

OST – Das Wundern Des Jungen Ulysses (R.: René Wiesner)

OST – The Writer (R.: Rob Ceus)

OST – Giallo Hörbücher (Audionarchie)

MNG – 12 O’Cock Compilation (Splatter Zombie Records)

OST – Alone In The Dark (R.: Phil Brocklehurst)

MNG & CREMISI – Split – Amorphous Woods (musician & producer)

OST – The Beauty Of That Which Is Fucking Ugly (R.: James Quinn)

OST – Conjure (R.: Mortem Soma)

OST – Das Phantom (R.: Stephan Taubert)

LE THARGO – Le Thargo (engineering & producer)

OST – Phonomanie (R.: Stefan Peschmann)

OST – Blutkreis Redux (R.: Tim Rabenstein)

OST – Zwiebeln Schneiden Ist Das Gestern Von Heute (R.:Julian Bräuer)

OST – Ossarium (R.: René Wiesner)

OST – Snuff Mistress (R.: El Gore)

OST – Different Night Same Torture (R.: Tim Rabenstein)

OST – Die Dämonische Mörderoma (R.: Madman Marv)

MNG – Drone Inferno Single

OST – Gelosia (R.: Adriano Ingrao / additional music)

OST  – Flesh of the Void (R.: James Quinn)

OST – I Fear (R.: Cedric Endress)

OST  -Rise of Valhalla (R.: Daniel Konze)

OST – Lo Specchio Di Colore Giallo Dell’ Anima (R.: El Gore)

VORTEX – Fall Of The Gods (guest musician)

OST – Rom – Ewige Stadt (R.: Stephan Taubert)

OST – The Temple of Lilith (R.: James Quinn)

OST  – Der Henker 3 – The Beginning (R.: El Excremento)

OST  – Die Macht der Träume (R.: Stephan Taubert)

MNG – Hexenjagd

MNG – Alpha

MNG – Omega

OST  – 5 Seasons (R.: Olaf Ittenbach)

OST  – Das schwäbische Sägewerkmassaker (R.: Madman Marv)