From the depth of the thuringian forests Stephan Ortlepp was rejected with an unfeedable desire for movies, music and morbidity. He writes for the genre print magazine XRATED, he published essays for movie booklets and also wrote for countless online sites.

In 2011 he created MUSICA NON GRATA. A free artistic collective with all the room for creativity for musicians who wants to create unique music for listeners with an unique taste.

No limits are set , just dark atmospheric drone sounds with different influences of classic and electronically music in an evil black-metal mood.


In 2015 MNG released their first three Records (HEXENJAGD, ALPHA & OMEGA) in limited physical editions and since then, Ortlepp is scoring uninterrupted for horror movies and participate with some great musicians and bands nationwide.

Stephan Ortlepp is main composer and was also a member of BLACK LAVA ENTERTAINMENT (AT), GRINDHOUSE PICTURES (GER), SODOM&CHIMERA (AT/USA) and FÄKALOCAUST (GER). He lives and works near Erfurt/ Germany and worked for some of the most interesting upcoming independent filmmakers around. Some of these films have won international awards and enjoys a great popularity, not at least because of the music. For the past 5 years, the work and impact of MNG on the amateur & independent movies is unmistakable.

2017 Ortlepp started his own Studio as a logical next step from his collective MNG thinking. He wants to give the opportunity for other artists & bands to record a worthy and lovable product. Meanwhile we works as composer, musician, producer, mixing engineer and audio editor for international projects. And all this from his studio based in the depth of the thuringian forests.

I offer you the guerrilla-recording-way to do!